Five Tips to Improve Your Twitter

Twitter in the last few years appears to only matter if one is a celebrity. It looks that way to those unfamiliar with the platform, but it has become more useful for business networking. As a writer, I have made connections with other writers and literary agents through Twitter and I find these connections valuable to the growth of my career. It’s less helpful on the local level but this will help you build awareness worldwide for your brand. Once you understand the little things that make Twitter what it is, you’ll see your number of followers increase immediately.

Follow for Follow

While there are still a few folks who don’t do this, most people who use Twitter regularly will follow back if you follow them. Likewise, you should follow back if someone follows you. Some folks will follow you and unfollow some time later, but you don’t need to worry about them. First, search for accounts in the same industry as you. If you’re an actor or cabaret performer or whatever, look for similar people like you and follow all of them. Do check profiles as some haven’t used their accounts in a few years. Following an inactive account will do nothing to improve your Twitter.

Quotes are Fun

If you’re not sure what kinds of things you should tweet about, try looking up famous quotes about your industry or someone in your industry. Everyone enjoys funny or relatable quotes and it’s something you can do once a week without too much thought. You can even think of your own and quote yourself. I have found more success from posting quotes, haikus, and short poetry over everything else. Sometimes venting about a bad day will gain comments of support from your network of Twitter friends. Choose hashtags that are appropriate for the audience to which you’re speaking.


And on the subject of hashtags, they’re not as important on Twitter as people think. Just because you fill a post with dozens of hashtags, that doesn’t mean people will comment or like your post. Search for the most popular in your network of followers and use about five per post if you have space. Always try to have at least one. Your followers may see it, but the hashtag will help your post stand out more and if people search that hashtag, they’ll see your post. Try to avoid posts that are nothing but hashtags.

Replies and Retweets

One of the most important aspects of Twitter is you have to use it. You can’t just post and hope others see your stuff. You have to engage and interact with the other “Twits.” Replying to posts starts a dialogue with others and people who follow that person but not you may follow you. It causes more people to see your account and they may look at your profile. Retweeting can have the same affect but more importantly, it helps build that other person’s following and they may return the favor in your benefit. Your focus on Twitter should be to help build others pages as well as your own.

Polls, Questions, Sharing Ideas

Another way to engage with the Twitter community is to post a poll or question. Ask for other’s thoughts related to your career or industry. Try to learn other ways of doing something. It’s about building community and learning from others. You can also share your own tips and tricks for certain subjects to help others that are only starting their careers. The more fun you make your community; the more people will want to be a part of your community.

There is a strong push from many Twitter users to eliminate all the negativity on the platform. Keep this in mind if you run into someone who’s saying negative or mean things. Do not engage with them. Unfollow and/or block them to avoid any negativity in your feed. Eventually those people will change their behavior or stop using Twitter. Otherwise, happy tweeting and just have fun connecting with other human beings.


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