Tucson’s 2019/2020 Theatre Season Begins

The official season in Tucson begins in October and ends in April. But theatre happens year-round in the Old Pueblo. The first show begins this Friday, June 20, 2019 at Live Theatre Workshop. Their opening show is “Things Being What They Are” by Wendy MacLeod. It stars Steve Wood and Stephen Frankenfield with Samantha Cormier directing. One can’t help but wonder if Steve and Stephen chose to use both forms of the same name or if this was coincidence. 

The play sounds like good fun with a little reflection of society. This writer expects to the charaters in the show to have some realizations as well as the audience. The synopsis is straight forward. “As up-and-coming Bill readies a new condo for himself and his soon-to-arrive wife, he gets an unexpected visit from Jack, who at first appears to be a nightmare neighbor. What follows is a sharp comedy about the lives we dream of having versus the lives we end up living.”

The Chicago Tribune offers a review that may help some undecided patrons decide to see this play. “Despite (or maybe it’s because of) its origin in a female mind, this funny, charming, and rather moving play probes the vulnerabilities of middle-class maleness with…good humor, affection and incisive accuracy.”

The how opens this weekend and runs until July 20. Ticket prices range from $15 to $20. Buy tickets online at LTW’s Website.

Another fun show coming this weekend hits with the style VaudVil loves. Cabaret Boheme’s “Anything Goes” is a variety show with a little tongue and cheek humor all the adults love. The theme is anything. There are all kinds of acts and it’s only happening this weekend and next weekend on Friday and Saturday. Ticket prices are $15 for general seating and $25 for VIP. This show happens once a year so don’t miss it. Buy tickets online through Brown Paper Tickets.


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